Daily Objects

2019                                                  ID-20ST-09: SPECIAL TOPIC DESIGN STUDIO: SUSTAINABLE AESTHETIC

Design for uglyness.

Ugly constantly refreshes the meaning that people give to it in the history of cultural development. Usually, it refers to uncomfortable, counterintuitive, and strange. But all substances themselves do not have any meaning or semantics. For example, viscous and smooth are the same, there is no way to compare. However, because the blood is viscous, and also some toxic and harmful substances. Viscosity is gradually unacceptable to human beings, and is also closely related to the social and productive activities carried out by human beings.


But today, when the beauty is becoming much cheaper to create (the beauty here is the common beauty with sensory stimuli), we need to rethink the value of ugliness. When a person sees beauty, he will praise and follow the spirit and information conveyed by this item in his mind. When encountering ugliness, people will reflect and play in more directions and dimensions. Ugly should be given the value of critical thinking.