Biomaterial Desk Organizer

2019                                                  ID-20ST-09: SPECIAL TOPIC DESIGN STUDIO: SUSTAINABLE AESTHETIC

The Fall series includes a desk organizer and paper weight. Its production materials are 100% organic and is made of biomaterial made by fallen leaves, cork dust and sawdust.

This series is an elastic design, which means users can redesign the product according to their needs and aesthetic. These two products are playful which allow users to build their own scenes of autumn in their home with real fallen leaves.

Due to the particularity of materials selection, I hope that users can also pay more attention to sustainable materials, cherish and protect our planet, and reduce the consumption and use of non-renewable and pollution-producing materials.

Materials: Fallen Leaves, Sawdust, Cork, Magenets.

Making Process.

Fallen leaves biomaterial recipe is original.
​Sawdust recipe:

Cork recipe: