Riding Navigation Device                                                                                                                       



Understand and explore the living status and demand of the visually impaired people, and make a universal design bringing more pleasures and enhancing the life quality of the visually impaired people.

This project was the final project of the sophomore year which was also selected to the 2016 reddot concept award finalist.


When we are riding, the traditional navigation device is either vocal or being presented on a screen. These traditional navigation devices are highly inconvenient and there are numerous risk factors involved.

Cannot get the cell phone navigation in time.

The noise from out side can interrupt listening sound.

Watching a screen can cause serious accidents.


Shopkeeper From German

Lea came to Hangzhou last year and she is managing a buyer shop in urban area. Due to excellent scenery and weather in Hangzhou, she chose to buy a nostalgia style bicycle rather than automobile. She said that riding is a relaxing way. She always sees inexperienced sceneries in each cycling, which is the opportunity for me to understand the city. Lea came from Germany, who is unfamiliar with Chinese and Hangzhou, so mobile phone navigation is necessary for her travel. He uses a holder to fix the navigation in the handlebar. She said that mobile phone navigation is inconvenient, with the expectation to have better choices.

Occupation :                                        Buyer shop keeper
Avg Time per Bycicle Trip :                40 mins
Avg Time of Biking per Day :             1hr20mins
Ever meet the Navigation Problem ?   Always

Li Ke & Song Jiliang
Easygoing Campus Couple

I have encountered with Li Ke and Song Jiliang in campus couples with good relationship in campus square who respectively students are majoring in architecture bioscience. They said that riding is their trip mode every day due to large campus. Bicycle is their best choice no matter to go to class, shopping mall or friend gathering. Due to familiarity about school environment, there is no need for navigation. However, once being outside the campus, and being in somewhere unknown, they often get lost. It is also inconvenient to use mobile phone maps for that they often worry about getting in wrong way.

Occupation :             Students

Avg Time per Bycicle Trip :              30 mins

Avg Time of Biking per Day :                    2hrs

Ever meet the Navigation Problem ?              Usually

Liu Wendong
Professional BMX Rider

Liu Wendong is a BMX rider in western Hangzhou. Taking exercises in cycling techniques is his work every day. As to him, riding is his only trip mode except rainy and snowy days. In spare time, he also travels through streets and lanes in Hangzhou with team members or friends. However, he said that although he has been to many places, mobile phone navigation is still needed sometimes, especially when he is competing abroad with unfamiliarity about cities where there is high frequency to use mobile phone navigation.

Occupation :                                        Professional rider

Avg Time per Bycicle Trip :                2hrs

Avg Time of Biking per Day :             5hrs

Ever meet the Navigation Problem ?   Sometimes



Accurate, easy and safe to reach the destination.


Should provide illumination when riding at night.

Recording Riding Data

Lack of means to record history riding data like riding route, speed , dates and so on.

Sight Suggestion

When users are in vacation or in other unfamilar surroundings, they expect tips which recommend tourist attractions or restaurants.

1+1 > 2 Formula.

Combine Light with Navigation.

Combine Recording with Socializing.



3d modeling.

How to use.

User Interface.