Death Service Product



In this project I tried to bring an unique experience to inspire the society to rethink about death rather than to solve a specific probelm.

Inherit combines product design, interaction design, UX/UI design and service design in order to explore the ultimate philosophy - death.


A mother in the terminal stage of cancer wrote 17 birthday cards for her kid in advance before death

Miss Cai, a former nurse at Datong Hospital in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, suffered from stage IV breast cancer. After she learned that she was pregnant, she refused to remove her child and endured pain to abandon chemotherapy. She persisted in giving birth to her daughter then her condition deteriorated. However, Miss Cai wrote 17 birthdat cards for her daughter's 2-year-old to 18-year-old birthday in advace. Each card is her full of care and wishes. Miss Cai has passed away, but the wishes and the humanity in the cards will never vanish.

Around the world, there are a lot of similar situations. What can designers do to cross these limitation, use design to continue emotion and humanity?

The status of funeral industry.

To find out what are the features of recreations the visually impaired people take in their daily lives and where is the limitatuion in these recreations.

funeral market
huge and still has great potential

funeral products
one-time, unsustainable,
not human-centered

funeral service
low transparency of information,
non-guaranteed service quality,
profiteering market


In order to redesign a set of funeral service and product, I set the interviewees as the three groups most relevant to death, ignoring the funeral industry practitioners. Talk with them about the perception of death and some of their thoughts and expectations about funeral service.

The Elderly.

Lin Yongxian

Age: 72
Family member:
husband, 2 children living in the same city and 3 grandchildren

"...I am not afraid of death at such an old age. My worry is that after I paased away, my husband will be alone, no one will remind him to dress and eat properly. I think the three children will no longer join together in New Year without me... If I passed away suddenly, the only regret may not be able to take care of my little grandson again, and also afraid he will not remember me when he grows up ..."

" funeral may just be simple. I am not an important person... I don't want to bury in cemetery. I'm afraid of being too lonely... As long as my ashes placed at home, I can look at my husband and children in the heaven..."

Terminal Disease Patients.

Xu Jing (alias)

Age: 29
Family member:
parents in hometown, 1 borther, wife and 5-year-old son

"...Death is cruel. At that moment, death just cut off your contact with all. Your emotions, willing is just gone...What makes me feel despair is that I can not watch my son grow up. I am worried that losting father will make him inferior... Nowadays I am using my cellphone and my computer every day to record video and let my wife play for my son after I dead. This is probably the only thing I can do for him..."

"...I can not donate my organs. I still hope I could bring some good influence to others, even though I'm dead... I have no expectations of the funeral. Just diffirent containers. Haha... Maybe I will ask my wife to put my ash in to a plant to company my family and my life could be extended in some way..."

The Bereaved.

Han Yuqing (alias)


Age: 20
Family member:

"...My dad died of a work-related injury last year. My relationship with him was not always good when he was alive ... But after he died, I dreamed about him every day...Only a few photos of my father in the mobile phone. My mother always shows me the old photo when they married and when they were young... I regret not cherishing the time with my father. If death can not be avoided, I also hope to record our memories at the time...My father's death taught me to cherish every moment you spend with your loved ones..."


Everything began with Maslow's Heirarchy of needs. This help determine what areas were of actual need to people who facing death and where can I bring the unexpected value to the users and the society.


Then used mindmap to help find exact design opportunities and features I should provide to the users.


Form & functions.

Scenario of use.

Business map.



Users can shoot video to record beautiful memories, future wishes and small bit of life.



Audio is supposed to be the most frequent used feature. People could record insights of life or even an old song to connect generations.


People can type mottos or reminder to family by typing.

Final Product.