Floor Lamp Concept

2017                                                                                                                                           ACCD GRADUATE STUDIO I


Here is the "design for MoMA" project I was doing in ArtCenter, in which I tried to use design to tell a story, to create a new experience, to innovate the intercation between environment and product.

Design for MoMA.

The MoMA's assortment, like the pieces in MoMA's Architecture and Design Apartment, is item driven. They identify a particular object that epitomizes an important movement, collection, or designer rather than creating a complete catalog of every item of a movement, collection or artisit .


Overview of design styles; MoMA selection preference; consumer preference

Where I focus:

minimal style;
function innovation;
art of home living.

What is elastic design?

The concept "Elastic" means, the product do not have a definite function, it is just half designed. And users could create different functions or set different scenes by combining with their own needs and esthetic, which means, the product could be redesigned by users. As a result, the users could redesign the function of the single product or build ambience of the usage scenario in different conditions in daily life.


Violate affordances.

The external appearance of a product often imply its use, that people sometimes call it affordance. This often makes the product more user-friendly. But I think sometimes it will be more interesting if we violate affordances.

Final Design.