Concept Camera



Understand and explore the living status and demand of the visually impaired people, and make a universal design bringing more pleasures and enhancing the life quality of the visually impaired people.

This project was the final project of my junior year which was also selected to the 2016 reddot concept award finalist.


Compared to normal people, life is monotonous without vision.
'40 million to 45 million visually imapaired people around the world.
About 140 million people are low vision sufferer.

Secondary research.

To understand the user better, I went to a visually impaired masters' massage parlor to make an investigation of five visually impaired masters there and found the following characteristics of their current lives.

Typical life situation of the visually impaired people in china.

Design opportunity.

As we can see, the enhancement of hearing is invoked throughout their life. But nowadays there's few products which use the enhancement of touching to enhance the life quality of the visually impaired people.
The lack of sence of picture can be complemented by technology and design.




Sense of Picture

Sense of Touch






3d model

Technical Research.


Using the technology created by MIT media lab, the touchable picture, emboss, can present with more pixels.

3d scanner

The 3d scanner has developed. You can do 3d scanning even with your smartphone.



It is easier and quicker to make a relief for touch using the vacuum like form box or heat in the traditional way.

User Needs.

Design Opportunity.

Why not create a universal design. No matter in the appearance or usage, do not let the visually impaired people feel being treated differently by the product.





Mood Board.


Texture Experiment.

Establish models of 6 different textures and 7 emboss patterns for 3d printing. Make a survey of the texture feeling of 5 visually impaired people and 10 students.

Final Design.

Technical Principle.

Take chromophotograph and it in the memory of the camera. 

Remove the details and background of the chromophotograph, to turn it into a gray-scale picture.

Convert the gray-scale picture into relief.

Press the photographic papers in the machine into the relief through hot press molding.

How to Use.


Secondary research.

To find out what are the features of recreations the visually impaired people take in their daily lives and where is the limitatuion in these recreations.


recreations are using the sence of hearing,
such as audiobook, radio, music.



recreations are using the sence of touching,
such as braille, card game.



visually impaired people are contacting with
smart product, such as smart phones.


2.5 hours

is the time that the visually impaired people
have recreation per day


Take a record of life

is what the visually impaired people most missed
in their recreation compared to normal people

From 2015 PRC status research of disabled people